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Gauges are most important part of controlling any Product / Process. Proper records of gauge calibration are an essential part of any system.

Quite often the calibration is delayed, gauges are not properly maintained and calibration records are not checked for want of a proper tool to ensure it.

GCMS provides following basic features with optional features to suit your requirements-

  • Avoids delayed/missed calibration by providing reminders for gauge calibration.
  • Calibration records are maintained in the S/W and records become paperless.
  • Gauge History Cards are maintained automatically.
  • Status Reports are automated.

Proper understanding of the gauge performance improves your ability to take right decisions and provides confidence in your decisions.

Gauge Studies

Complete Gauge Studies as per AIAG MSA guide can be supported -

  • Stability Study
  • Repeatability Study
  • Reproducibility Study
  • Gauge R and R Studies using Avg and Range
  • Gauge R and R Studies using ANOVA
  • Gauge Performance Curves
  • Attribute Gauge Studies.

Gauge In House Calibration

In-house calibration / verification of Gauges can be supported -

  • Calibration SOPs maintained
  • Calibration records in S/W
  • Gauge Maintenance Records
  • Uncertainty of Measurements can be supported
  • Reminders for Gauge study.

SPC Studies

Complete SPC Studies as per AIAG SPC guide can be supported -

  • Variables Study like Xbar-R, X-MR, Xbar-s
  • Attribute Studies like p, np, u and c
  • Reminders for SPC study.

GCMS provides better understanding of your Guaging. GCMS maintains all External/Internal calibration records and provides useful reminders for study/calibration.

AIAG TS16949 MSA SPC Software
AIAG TS 16949 MSA SPC Software
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